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The Generate Sample XML Files tool includes a dialog box that allows you to configure a variety of options for generating the XML files. The first set of options are found in the Schema tab.

Figure 1: Generate Sample XML Files Dialog Box (Schema Tab)
This tab includes the following options:
Specifies the URL of the Schema location. You can specify the path by using the text field, the history drop-down menu, or the browsing actions in the Browse drop-down list.
Displays the namespace of the selected schema.
Root Element
After the schema is selected, this drop-down menu is populated with all root candidates gathered from the schema. Choose the root of the output XML documents.
Output folder
Path to the folder where the generated XML instances will be saved.
Filename prefix and Extension
You can specify the prefix and extension for the file name that will be generated. Generated file names have the following format: prefixN.extension, where N represents an incremental number from 0 up to the specified Number of instances.
Number of instances
The number of XML files to be generated.
Open first instance in editor
When selected, the first generated XML file is opened in the editor.
Namespaces section
You can specify the Default Namespace, as well as the prefixes for the namespaces.
Export settings
Use this button to save the current settings for future use.
Import settings
Use this button to load previously exported settings.

You can click OK at any point to generate the sample XML files.