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What details should I add to my request for technical support on the online form in the product website?


When completing a request for Technical Support using the online form, include as many details as possible about your problem. For problems where a simple explanation may not be enough for the Technical Support team to reproduce or address the issue (such as server connection errors, unexpected delays while editing a document, an application crash, etc.), you should generate a log file and attach it to the problem report. In the case of a crash, you should also attach the crash report file generated by your operating system.

If the text content of an XML document you want to send to the support team contains sensitive or private information, you can use the Randomize XML text content action to create filler content. Before using this action, you need to copy the initial XML resources and save them in a separate folder. Otherwise, you might lose your original information.

To generate an Oxygen XML Editor log file, follow these steps:
  1. Create a text file called log4j.properties in the application installation folder, with the following content:
    log4j.rootCategory= debug, R2
    log4j.appender.R2.layout.ConversionPattern=%r %p [ %t ] %c - %m%n 
  2. Restart the application.
  3. Reproduce the error.
  4. Close the application.
  5. Delete the log4j.properties file because it might cause performance issues if you leave it in the installation folder.
    Important: The logging mode may severely decrease the performance of the application. Therefore, do not forget to delete the log4j.properties file when you are done with the procedure.

Result: The resulting log file is named oxygen#.log (for example, oxygen.log, oxygen.log.1, oxygen.log.2, etc.) and is located in the Desktop\oxygenLog folder.