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Using an xsl:message instruction is one way to signal special situations encountered during transformation as well as a raw way of doing the debugging. The Messages view is available only for XSLT debugging sessions and shows all xsl:message calls executed by the XSLT processor during transformation. If the view is not displayed, it can be opened by selecting it from the Window > Show View menu.

Figure 1: Messages View

Table 1. Messages columns
Column Description
Message Message content.
Terminate Signals whether or not the processor terminates the transformation once it encounters the message (yes/no respectively).
Resource Resource file where xsl:message instruction is defined and the message line number. The complete path of the resource is available as tooltip.
The following actions are available in the contextual menu:
Go to
Highlight the XSL fragment that generated the message.
Copies to clipboard message details (system ID, severity info, description, start location, terminate state).
Clear all
Removes all messages from the view.
  • Clicking a record from the table highlights the xsl:message declaration line.
  • Message table values can be sorted by clicking the corresponding column header. Clicking the column header switches the sorting order between: ascending, descending, no sort.