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When you insert a table in an XHTML document, an HTML type of table is added. The layout of an XHTML table includes a colspecs section that allows you to easily configure some properties. For example, you can change the value of column widths (width attribute) or the text alignment (align attribute). Although they appear as part of the Author mode, the colspecs link and its controls will not appear in your output. They are just there to make it easier to adjust how the columns of your table are formatted.

Figure 1: Table Layout in XHTML Documents

Table Validation in XHTML

Oxygen XML Editor reports table layout problems that are detected in manual or automatic validations. The types of errors that may be reported for XHTML table layout problems include:

HTML Tables
  • A row has fewer cells than the number of table columns.
  • The value of the colspan, rowspan, or span attributes are not numeric.
  • A cell has a vertical span greater than the available rows count.