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The Generate Sample XML Files tool includes a dialog box that allows you to configure a variety of options for generating the XML files. The Advanced tab allows you to set some options regarding output values and performance.

Figure 1: Generate Sample XML Files Dialog Box (Advanced Tab)
This tab includes the following options:
Use incremental attribute / element names as default
If selected, the value of an element or attribute starts with the name of that element or attribute. For example, for an a element the generated values are: a1, a2, a3, and so on. If not selected, the value is the name of the type of that element / attribute (for example: string, decimal, etc.)
Maximum length
The maximum length of string values generated for elements and attributes.
Discard optional elements after nested level
The optional elements that exceed the specified nested level are discarded. This option is useful for limiting deeply nested element definitions that can quickly result in very large XML documents.
Export settings
Use this button to save the current settings for future use.
Import settings
Use this button to load previously exported settings.