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The DITA-OT distribution that comes bundled with Oxygen includes some additional pre-installed DITA-OT plugins that add support for properly displaying MathML formulas in the WebHelp output. However, if you are generating your WebHelp output from a command line, MathML formulas will not be displayed properly unless you install these plugins manually.

These plugins can be downloaded and installed from DITA 1.3 Support for Open Toolkit (https://github.com/dita-community/dita13-dita-ot-1.x-support). This plugin package adds DITA 1.3 support, including MathML.

How to Add Support for MathML when Generating WebHelp from a Command Line

  1. Download and unzip the DITA 1.3 Support for Open Toolkit 1.x distribution package. It includes 4 DITA-OT plugins.
  2. Copy the four plugin directories to your DITA-OT-DIR/plugins directory.
  3. In the home directory of your DITA-OT installation, run the ant -f integrator.xml command.