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This is directly related to the page margins and size.

The headers and footers are placed in the so called page margin boxes, a series of rectangular areas residing in the page margins.

To affect the margins of all page definitions, you may use the following rule:

@page {
	margin-top:3cm !important;
	margin-bottom:3cm !important;
	margin-left:2cm !important;
	margin-right:2cm !important;	

If you want to affect only a specific page, like the first page from chapters for instance, you must use more specific page selectors. See the Default Page Definitions for details.

Note that the page margin boxes fill the entire page margin. This means the margin-top, for example, dictates the height of the @top-left-corner, @top-left, @top-center, @top-right, @top-right-corner margin boxes. These cannot have margins on themselves, so to change the position of the content inside them, you must use padding properties:

@page {
	@top-left {
		padding: 1cm;