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Oxygen XML Web Author includes a Perforce Helix plugin that enables you to access files stored on a Perforce Helix version control system. To access these files, it is assumed that the Perforce Helix plugin is enabled and configured in your installation of Oxygen XML Web Author.

Opening or Creating Files

To open a file stored on a Perforce Helix depot or create a new file, go to the main Dashboard, click the Perforce Helix tab, and log in. To create a new document, click on New in the top-right corner.

Figure 1: Perforce Helix Browsing Functionality

To open an existing document, browse for the file and double-click it (or tap on a mobile device). The file will be opened in the Web Author editor in read-only mode. To edit it, you need to check it out (use the Check Out action from the Perforce Helix drop-down menu on the toolbar). When you check out a file, it is locked and other users cannot edit it in Web Author. To save a modified file, use the Submit action from the Perforce Helix drop-down menu. When you submit a modified file, it is switched to read-only mode in your editor and it is unlocked for other users. You can also use the Revert action from the drop-down menu to cancel the check out and unlock the file for others.

Tip: If a file is not already in your depot, you can use the Upload File button to upload it before selecting it.