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Oxygen XML Web Author was designed to provide the functionality of the Author mode in Oxygen XML Editor/Author in a mobile-friendly platform and can be embedded either in a third-party standalone Java application or customized as a Java Web Applet to provide WYSIWYG-like XML editing and reviewing directly in your choice of web browsers on your mobile devices or desktops.

Table 1. Feature Matrix Showing Differences Between Web Author and Oxygen XML Editor/Author
Feature Oxygen XML Web Author Oxygen XML Editor/Author
Intended audience Reviewers and occasional contributors. Content authors, technical writers.
Mobile device friendly Specifically designed for mobile devices. No
Compatibility with the standard versions of Oxygen Covers only editing and reviewing features. 100%
Author mode Yes Yes
Text mode Yes Yes
Grid mode No Yes
Schema Design mode No Yes
Client-side setup Yes, with an Administration page. Requires Java to be installed, and Java Applets to be allowed to run.
Server-side setup Requires running an installer or a servlet (along with performing a Maven build). Requires a web server.
Saxon versions included Saxon 6 and 9 (HE, PE, EE) Saxon 9 HE