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A deployed WebHelp system can accept the following GET parameters:
  • log - The value can be true or false (default value). When set to true, it enables JavaScript debugging.
  • contextId - The WebHelp JavaScript engine will look for this value in the context-help-map.xml mapping file and load the corresponding help page. For more information, see the Context-Sensitive WebHelp System topic.
    Note: You can use an anchor in the contextId parameter to jump to a specific section in a document. For example, contextId=topicID#anchor.
  • appname - You can use this parameter in conjunction with contextId to search for this value in the corresponding appname attribute value in the mapping file.
  • toc.visible - The value can be true (default value) or false. When set to false, the table of contents will be collapsed when you load the WebHelp page.
  • searchQuery - You can use this parameter to perform a search operation when WebHelp is loaded. For example, if you want to open WebHelp showing all search results for growing flowers, the URL should look like this: http://localhost/webhelp/index.html?searchQuery=growing%20flowers.