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The Document Type Configuration dialog box allows you to create or edit a framework (document type). It is displayed when you use the New, Edit, Duplicate, or Extend buttons in the Document Type Association preferences page (open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Document Type Association).

The configuration dialog box includes the following fields and sections:
  • Name - The name of the framework. This will be displayed as its name in the Document Type column in the Document Type Association preferences page.
  • Priority - Depending on the priority level, Oxygen XML Editor establishes the order in which the existing frameworks are evaluated to determine the type of a document you are opening. It can be one of the following: Lowest, Low, Normal, High, or Highest. You can set a higher priority to frameworks you want to be evaluated first.
  • Description - A detailed description of the framework.
  • Storage - Displays the type of location where the framework configuration file is stored. Can be one of: External (framework configuration is saved in a file) or Internal (framework configuration is stored in the application's internal options).
    Note: If you set the Storage to Internal and the framework configuration is already stored in a framework file, the file content is saved in the application's internal options and the file is removed.
  • Initial edit mode - Sets the default edit mode when you open a document for the first time.

  • Configuration Tabs - The bottom section of the dialog box includes various tabs where you can configure numerous options for the framework.