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Installing a License Server to Manage Floating Licenses

If you are using floating licenses for Oxygen XML Editor, you must set up an Oxygen XML Editor floating license server. A floating license server can be installed as one of the following:
Note: Oxygen XML Editor version 17 or higher requires a license server version 17 or higher. License servers version 17 or higher can be used with any version of a floating license key.

Activating Floating License Keys

To help you comply with the Oxygen XML Editor EULA (terms of licensing), all floating licenses require activation. This means that the license key will be locked to a particular license server deployment and no multiple uses of the same license key are possible.

During the activation process, a code that uniquely identifies your license server deployment is sent to the Oxygen XML Editor servers, which in turn will sign the license key.

Split or Combine License Keys to Work with Your License Servers

A license server can only manage one license key (which can cover any number of floating licenses). If you have multiple license keys for the same Oxygen XML Editor version and you want to have all of them managed by the same server, or if you have a multiple-user floating license and you want to split it between two or more license servers, please contact our support team and ask for a new license key.