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When editing content in Text mode, the following actions (in regards to inserting, opening, or comparing files) are available in the Document > File menu:
Insert File
Inserts the content of the file with the specified file path into the current document, at the current position of the cursor.
Open File at Cursor
Opens the file at the cursor position in a new panel. If the file path represents a directory path, it will be opened in system file browser. If the file at the specified location does not exist, an error dialog box is displayed and it includes a Create new file button that starts the New document wizard. This allows you to choose the type or the template for the file. If the action succeeds, the file is created with the referenced location and name and is opened in a new editor panel.
Open File at Cursor in System Application
Opens the file (identified by its link) or web page (identified by a web link) found at cursor position. The target is opened in the default system application associated with that file type.
Opens the current file in the Compare Files tool.