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You can customize the content of the following Author controls, adding items (which, when invoked, perform custom actions) or filtering the default contributed ones:

You can use the content completion customization support in a custom framework by following this procedure:

  1. Open the Document type configuration dialog box for your custom framework and select the Author tab. Next, go to the Content Completion tab.

    Figure: Customize Content Completion

    The top side of the Content Completion section contains the list with all the actions defined within the custom framework and the list of actions that you decided to include in the Content Completion Assistant list of proposals. The bottom side contains the list with all the items that you decided to remove from the Content Completion Assistant list of proposals.

  2. If you want to add a custom action to the list of current Content Completion proposals, select the action item from the Available actions list and press the Add as child or Add as sibling button to include it in the Current actions list. An Insert Action dialog box appears, giving you the possibility to select where to provide the selected action.

    Figure: Insert Action Dialog Box

  3. If you want to exclude a certain item from the Content Completion proposals, you can use the Add button from the Filter - Remove content completion items list. The Remove item dialog box is displayed, allowing you to input the item name and to choose the controls that filter it. The Item name combo box accepts wildcards.

    Figure: Remove Item Dialog Box