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The contextual menu is displayed when you right-click in the Author editing area. You can only configure the bottom part of the menu, since the top part is reserved for a list of generic actions (such as Copy, Paste, Undo, etc.)

  1. Open the Document Type configuration dialog box for the particular framework and go to the Author tab. Next, go to the Contextual Menu subtab.
  2. Follow the same steps as explained in the Configuring the Main Menu, except changing the menu name because the contextual menu does not have a name.
    Note: You can choose to reuse a submenu that contains general authoring actions. In this case, all actions (both general and framework-specific ones) are grouped together under the same submenu.

    Figure: Configuring the Contextual Menu

To test it, open the test file, and open the contextual menu. In the lower part there is shown the Table sub-menu and the Insert section action.