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Code templates are code fragments that can be inserted quickly at the current editing position . Oxygen XML Editor includes a set of built-in code templates for CSS, LESS, Schematron, XSL, XQuery, and XML Schema document types. You can also define your own code templates for any type of file and share them with others.

To get a complete list of available code templates, press Ctrl + Shift + Space in Text mode. To enter the code template, select it from the list or type its code and press Enter. If a shortcut key has been assigned to the code template, you can also use the shortcut key to enter it. Code templates are displayed with a symbol in the content completion list.

When the Content Completion Assistant is invoked (Ctrl + Space (Command + Space on OS X) in Text mode or Enter in Author mode), it also presents a list of code templates specific to the type of the active editor.

For more information about code templates, watch our video demonstration: