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The following types of transformations scenarios are available for DITA maps:
  • Predefined transformation scenarios allow you to transform a DITA map to a variety of outputs, such as WebHelp, PDF, ODF, XHTML, EPUB, CHM, Kindle, and MS Word.
  • Run DITA-OT Integrator - Use this transformation scenario if you want to integrate a DITA-OT plugin. This scenario runs an Ant task that integrates all the plugins from the DITA-OT/plugins directory.
  • DITA Map Metrics Report - Use this type of transformation scenario if you want to generate a DITA map statistics report. They contain information such as:
    • The number of processed maps and topics.
    • Content reuse percentage.
    • Number of elements, attributes, words, and characters used in the entire DITA map structure.
    • DITA conditional processing attributes used in the DITA maps.
    • Words count.
    • Information types such as number of containing maps, bookmaps, or topics.