Configuring Chemistry as an Oxygen External Tool

Oxygen PDF Chemistry can be run as an external tool, directly from the Oxygen XML Editor/Author environment.

To configure Oxygen XML Editor/Author to run Oxygen PDF Chemistry over the currently opened XML file, follow this procedure:

  1. In Oxygen XML Editor/Author, select Tools > External Tools > Configure.
  2. Press the New button to add a new external tool.
  3. In the Name field, enter "chemistry".
  4. In the Command Line field, enter the following command, depending on your operating system (make sure you replace my_stylesheet.css with the path to your CSS):
    If you are using Oxygen PDF Chemistry distributed as a standalone product (installed outside Oxygen):
    • Windows: cmd /C chemistry.bat -in "${cf}" -css "my_stylesheet.css" -out "${cfd}/${cfn}.pdf" -show-pdf
    • Mac OS X or Linux: sh -in "${cf}" -css "my_stylesheet.css" -out "${cfd}/${cfn}.pdf" -show-pdf
    Note: If you haven't configured the PATH environment variable to point to the installation directory, use the full path to the chemistry executable script. If the installation directory contains spaces, use quotes around the full path of the script.
    If you are using Oxygen PDF Chemistry distributed within Oxygen:
    • Windows: cmd /C "${oxygenInstallDir}/oxygenChemistry.bat" -in "${cf}" -css "my_stylesheet.css" -out "${cfd}/${cfn}.pdf" -show-pdf
    • Mac OS X or Linux: sh "${oxygenInstallDir}/" -in "${cf}" -css "my_stylesheet.css" -out "${cfd}/${cfn}.pdf" -show-pdf