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A system administrator can manage and access information about the floating license server at: http://hostName:port/oXygenLicenseServlet.

This page provides access to several statistics reports and management tasks. It also shows the current status of the server and provides additional instructions for using the license server with Oxygen XML Web Author.

This page includes the following links for accessing statistics or managing tasks:
  • Current Allocated Licenses - Opens the Allocated License Report page.
  • Usage Statistics - Opens the Floating License Usage Statistics page.
  • View License Key - Use this link to view details about the license key.
  • Replace License Key - Use this link if you need to replace a license key.
  • Configuration - Opens a page where you can configure notification settings and specify whether or not users are allowed to lock licenses. This page can be used for setting up the mail server used for sending rejection emails.

Allocated License Report Page

This report page provides a system administrator the ability to revoke or unlock current running instances of licenses and includes the following information:
  • License load - A graphical indicator that shows how many licenses are available.
  • Floating license server status - General information about the license server status, such as start time, license counts, rejected and acknowledged requests, average usage time, license refresh and timeout intervals, location of the license key, and the server version.
  • Current running instances - Lists all currently acknowledged users, including user name, date and time when the license was granted, IP and MAC address of the computer where Oxygen XML Web Author runs, and lock status.
    • Revoke - A system administrator can click on the Revoke icon next to a user name to release that particular license and return it to the pool.
Note: This report is also available in XML format at: http://hostName:port/oXygenLicenseServlet/license-servlet/report-xml.

Floating License Usage Statistics Page

This report page provides some usage statistics for the floating licenses. It is helpful for determining the number of licenses that are needed and monitoring times when licenses are consumed. It includes the following information:
  • Maximum number of concurrent licenses - Shows the maximum number of floating licenses that can be consumed at any given time.
  • Concurrent license consumption per day - A chart that shows the peak number of licenses that were consumed and the total number of users that were rejected, on a daily basis. This chart can be used to detect the amount of concurrent licenses that are needed to avoid having rejected users.
    Tip: You can click on any bar to see the license consumption per hour for that particular day.

    Figure: Concurrent License Consumption per Day Chart

  • Concurrent license consumption per hour - A chart that shows the peak number of licenses that were consumed per hour throughout that particular month. This is useful for identifying the time of day when the most licenses were consumed.

    Figure: Concurrent License Consumption per Hour Chart