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The DITA Maps Manager includes a feature that allows you to quickly create multiple skeleton topics at once and you can specify their hierarchical structure within the DITA map. A common use-case for using this feature is when you need to insert a new chapter or section that will include multiple topics and you have the structure and titles planned out in advance.

To access this feature, right-click a node in the DITA Maps Manager where you want the new topics to be inserted and select Fast Create Topics. This opens the Fast Create Topics dialog box where you can configure the structure for the new topics.

Figure: Fast Create Topics Dialog Box

The Fast Create Topics dialog box includes the following features and options:

Hierarchy Text Pane
Use this text area to enter the titles for your new topics, one per line, and specify the hierarchy by using indents (Tab or Space). Topic references will be created in the DITA map according to the hierarchy you enter in this section. Also, the titles that you enter in this text pane will not only be used for the topic titles but also to generate their file names and you can click the File name generation rules link to configure the rules for how those file names will be generated.
Use the file name as the value of the root ID attribute
Select this option to use the file name (without the file extension) as the value of the root id attribute for the new topics.
Topic type
All of the topics that will be created will have the same DITA topic type, which is detected from the most recently created topic. You can click the Change button to select a different type from a list of possible DITA templates.
Tip: You can convert any of these new files to a different DITA topic type at a later time by using another feature that allows you to easily convert DITA documents to other types.
Add created topic hierarchy relative to the selection as
By default, the hierarchy of topics will be added to the DITA map as Children to the node where the action was invoked. You can change this to Siblings if the selected node allows topics to be inserted as such.
When you click Create, the specified hierarchy is added as topic references in the DITA map. The new documents are created as bare skeleton topics with only the topic title and possibly the root ID populated.
Tip: You can easily change the order of the topics in the DITA map at a later time,