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As of Saxon 9.7, it is possible to export a compiled form of a stylesheet as an XML file (called a stylesheet export file). Oxygen XML Editor includes a simple tool called Compile XSL Stylesheet for Saxon that does this for you. A stylesheet export file is also needed if you want to use the Saxon-JS product to run transformations in a browser, as in the following example:
<script type="text/javascript" src="SaxonJS/SaxonJS.min.js"></script>
    window.onload = function() {
         stylesheetLocation: "books.sef",
         sourceLocation: "books.xml"

The Compile XSL Stylesheet for Saxon tool can be found in the Tools menu and it compiles a specified stylesheet as an XML file (stylesheet export file with a file extension of .sef).

Selecting this tool opens the Compile XSL Stylesheet for Saxon dialog box that allows you to configure some options for conversion.

Figure: Compile XSL Stylesheet for Saxon Dialog Box

This dialog box includes the following options:
Allows you to select URL of the source XSL stylesheet. You can specify the URL by using the text field, the history drop-down, or the browsing tools in the Browse drop-down list.
Allows you to select the type of Saxon product that the export file will be used with. You can choose Saxon-JS, Saxon-EE, Saxon-PE, or Saxon-HE.
Output file
You can specify the path where the output file will be saved by entering it in the text field, using the Insert Editor Variables button, or using the browsing tool button.
Open in Editor
Select this option to open the resulting stylesheet export file in the main Oxygen XML Editor editing pane.
Use this button to generate the stylesheet export file according the options selected in this dialog box.