Content Completion in XML Schema

The intelligent Content Completion Assistant available in Oxygen XML Editor enables rapid, in-line identification and insertion of elements, attributes and attribute values valid in the editing context. All available proposals are listed in a pop-up menu displayed at the current cursor position.

The Content Completion Assistant is enabled by default. To disable it, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences), go to Editor > Content Completion, and disable the Enable content completion option.

When active, the Content Completion Assistant displays a list of context-sensitive proposals valid at the current cursor position. Elements can be selected in the list by using the Up and Down keys on your keyboard. For each selected item in the list, the Content Completion Assistant displays a documentation window. You can customize the size of the documentation window by dragging its top, right, and bottom borders.

To insert the selected content in Text mode, do one of the following:
  • Press Enter or Tab to insert both the start and end tags and position the cursor inside the start tag in a position suitable for inserting attributes.
  • Press Ctrl + Enter (Command + Enter on OS X) to insert both the start and end tags and positions the cursor between the tags in a position where you can start typing content.

Depending on the selected schema version, Oxygen XML Editor populates the proposals list with information taken either from XML Schema 1.0 or 1.1.

Oxygen XML Editor helps you to easily reference a component by providing the list of proposals (complex types, simple types, elements, attributes, groups, attribute groups, or notations) valid in the current context. The components are collected from the current file or from the imported/included schemas.

When editing xs:annotation/xs:appinfo elements of an XML Schema, the Content Completion Assistant proposes elements and attributes from a custom schema (by default ISO Schematron). This feature can be configured from the XSD Content Completion preferences page.