Opening Documents

To open a document in Oxygen XML Editor, do one of the following:

  • Go to File > Open (Ctrl + O (Command + O on OS X)) or click the Open toolbar button to display the Open dialog box. The start folder of the Open dialog box can be either the last folder visited by this dialog box or the folder of the currently edited file. This can be configured in the user preferences.
  • Go to File > Open URL or click the Open URL toolbar button to display the Open URL dialog box that allows you to access any resource identified through a URL (defined by a protocol, host, resource path, and an optional port). The following actions are available in the drop-down action list:
    • Browse for local file - Opens a local file browser dialog box allowing you to select a local file.
    • Browse for remote file - Displays the Open using FTP/SFTP dialog box that allows you to open a remotely stored document.
    • Browse for archived file - Displays an Archive Browser dialog box that allows you to browse the content of an archive a choose a file to open in Oxygen XML Editor.
    • Browse Data Source Explorer - Opens a Data Source Explorer that allows you to browse the data sources defined in the Data Sources preferences page.
      Tip: You can get to the Data Sources preferences page, using the Configure Database Sources shortcut from the Open URL dialog box.
    • Search for file - Displays the Open/Find Resource dialog box.
  • Click the Open/Find Resource toolbar button to run the same action.
  • Go to File > Reload to load the last saved file content. All unsaved modifications are lost.
  • Go to File > Reopen to reopen one of the recently opened document files. The list containing recently opened files can be emptied by invoking the Clear history action.
  • Select the Open action from the contextual menu of the Project view. This opens the selected file from the Project view.