Compare Files or Directories

Oxygen XML Editor provides a simple means of performing file and folder comparisons. You can see the differences in your files and folders and merge the changes. You can also use the file comparison to compare fragments or files inside zip-based archives.

There are two types of comparison tools: Compare Directories or Compare Files. These utilities are available from the Tools menu or can be opened as stand-alone applications from the Oxygen XML Editor installation folder (diffDirs.exe and diffFiles.exe).

Starting the Tools from a Command Line

The comparison tools can also be started by using command-line arguments. In the installation folder there are two executable shells (diffFiles.bat and diffDirs.bat on Windows, and on Unix/Linux, and on OS X). To specify files or directories to compare, you can pass command-line arguments to each of these shells. The arguments can point to file or folder paths in directories or archives (supported formats: zip, docx, and xlsx).

For example, to start the comparison between the two Windows directories c:\Program Files and c:\ant, use the following command:
diffDirs.bat "c:\Program Files" "c:\ant"
If there are spaces in the path names, surround the paths with quotes. If you pass only one argument, you are prompted to manually choose the second directory or archive. This is also true for the files comparison utility.