Inserting Images

To insert an image in a document while editing in Author mode, use one of the following methods:
  • Click the Insert Image action from the toolbar and choose the image file you want to insert. Oxygen XML Editor tries to reference the image with a path that is relative to that of the document you are currently editing. For example, if you want to add the file:/C:/project/xml/dir/img1.jpg image into the file:/C:/project/xml/doc1.xml document, Oxygen XML Editor inserts a reference to dir/img1.jpg. This is useful when multiple users work on a common project and they have it stored in multiple locations.
    Note: The Insert Image action is available for the following document types: DocBook 4, DocBook 5, DITA, TEI P4, TEI P5, XHTML.
  • Drag an image from other application and drop it in the Author editing mode. If it is an image file, it is inserted as a reference to the image file. For example, in a DITA topic the path of the image file is inserted as the value of the href attribute in an image element:
    <image href="../images/image_file.png"/>
    Note: To replace an image, just drag and drop a new image over the existing one. Oxygen XML Editor will automatically update the reference to the new image.
  • Copy the image from another application (such as an image editor) and paste it into your document. Oxygen XML Editor prompts you to first save it. After saving the image, a reference to that file path is inserted at the paste position.