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The Oxygen XML Web Author includes support for copy and paste actions using the usual keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + C (Command + C on OS X) for copying, Ctrl + X (Command + X on OS X) for cutting, and Ctrl + V (Command + V on OS X) for pasting). This support includes a Smart Paste feature that preserves certain style and structure information. This includes the following scenarios:
  • Paste content from external sources (such as text processors or web browsers) into the document you are editing. Oxygen XML Web Author tries to preserve all associated formatting, such as lists, paragraphs, and text styling. When a valid XML structure is detected in the clipboard content, Oxygen XML Web Author will paste the content with XML structure.
  • Paste content from within a Oxygen XML Web Author session, preserving the XML structure. If the current location is not valid for the copied content, Oxygen XML Web Author will try to find possible solutions (if possible).
  • Paste content from the Oxygen XML Web Author session into external sources. In this case, only the text content is copied.
  • Paste a valid http(s) URL string and Oxygen XML Web Author will automatically insert it as a linking element for the particular document type you are working with. For example, in DITA it would insert an xref element.
On desktop versions of the Oxygen XML Web Author, the Smart Paste feature also includes a Paste Special action in the contextual menu that allows you to choose how to paste copied content. The Paste Special action allows you to choose from the following:
  • Smart Paste - Oxygen XML Web Author will paste the copied content while trying to preserve its structure and if the current location is invalid, Oxygen XML Web Author will attempt to find a possible solution.
  • Paste as Text - The copied content will be pasted as text content.
  • Paste as XML - Copied content that is considered to be valid XML will be pasted with its XML structure preserved.
Note: On Safari Mobile versions 6 and 7, the copy/paste support ignores all text formatting, keeping only the content.