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Server Requirements

Even though the requirements are not very strict, you should consider the following metrics when provisioning the server for running the Oxygen XML Web Author:
  • A processor core can handle 50 to 100 active users.
  • Editing an average DITA file consumes about 10MB of RAM. However, the Oxygen XML Web Author includes a configurable caching mechanism that stores the oldest files to disk when memory resources become low.

Software Requirements

On the server side, the following applications are supported:
  • Servlet container:
    • Apache Tomcat 7 or 8
    • WildFly 10.0.0.Final
    • IBM WebSphere Liberty
  • Java Virtual Machine 1.7 or newer (if started in security mode, Java 1.8 is required).

Oxygen Data Directory and Other Important Deployment Notes

  • All Oxygen XML Web Author configuration files are stored in a single folder that can be shared amongst multiple servers in a distributed deployment. It can also be reused when you update the server to a new version or when stored on a shared file system to be used by multiple server instances.
    The default location of this folder depends on the distribution, as follows:
    Windows, Linux, and All Platforms Distributions
    Web Archive Distribution
    Depends on the servlet container. For example, in Tomcat it is located in work/Catalina/localhost/oxygen-xml-web-author.

    However, the default location can be overridden by the oxygen.data.dir system property.

    Attention: If the Oxygen XML Web Author is started in security mode, you must set the oxygen.data.dir system property.
    Note: WildFly and WebSphere will erase the folder with configuration files upon restart. For these servers, you must set the oxygen.data.dir system property to a folder that persists across restarts.
  • It is recommended that you install the Oxygen XML Web Author in its own instance of Tomcat, without sharing it with other applications.
  • If you want to reload the application, you have to restart the server.