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The Oxygen XML Web Author includes a plugin that allows you to use the Oxygen XML Web Author to edit files stored in a SharePoint repository. You can configure your SharePoint integration to use the OAuth 2.0 authentication flow to access files stored in a public or private repository. You will then have access to some file checking in/out toolbar buttons that are specific to SharePoint.

Configure a SharePoint Integration

To configure your SharePoint integration, follow this procedure:
  1. Register a new application in the Azure Management Portal at: https://manage.windowsazure.com/.

    For details about registering an application in the Azure Management Portal, see the following articles:

  2. During the registration process, Azure will generate a Client ID and Client Secret (app secret), and you can specify a Redirect URL.
  3. Go to the Administration Page, in the Plugins section click on the Configure icon for the SharePoint plugin, and enter the Client ID, Client Secret, and Redirect URL in the Plugin configuration dialog box.
  4. Restart the Oxygen XML Web Author.

Result: After completing the configuration, you will have access to some SharePoint-specific toolbar buttons that allow you to check in/out files. Also, when you check out files from your SharePoint site, the file name will be decorated with a distinctive mark () to indicate that the file is currently checked out.