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Oxygen XML Web Author includes a user-friendly Administration Page that helps you to configure your instance of the Oxygen XML Web Author. You can use this page to configure a variety of settings. You need to enable the Administration Page before you can access it, but once you do, you can access it from a link on the top-right corner of the Dashboard page.

Enabling the Administration Page

If you used the Linux, Windows, or All Platforms installation kits, the administration page is already enabled.

If you used the Web Application Archive version, you need to manually enable the Administration Page by following these steps:
  1. Configure Tomcat to use a security Realm element. Refer to the Tomcat Documentation for more information.
  2. Edit the tomcat-users.xml file from your Tomcat installation and configure a user for the admin role, as in the following example:
      <role rolename="admin"/>
      <user username="USERNAME" password="PASSWORD" roles="admin"/>
  3. Your Administration Page is now enabled. To access it, go to the following URL:
    where http://example.com:8080/oxygen-webapp is the URL of your instance of the Oxygen XML Web Author.
  4. You will be prompted for authentication credentials and you will enter those configured in the steps above.

Accessing the Administration Page

You can easily access the Administration page from a link on the Dashboard page.

Figure: Administration Page Link

Types of Settings in the Administration Page

You can click on any of the listed types of settings to access configurable options for each type. The Administration Page allows you to configure settings for the following:
  • General - Allows you to choose the initial state of the Change Tracking feature. You can choose between Stored in document, Always On, and Always Off. This tab also displays the location of logging files.
  • License - Allows you to configure a license server connection.
  • Plugins - Allows you to add and configure plugins for your Oxygen XML Web Author.
  • Frameworks - Allows you to add or remove frameworks for your Oxygen XML Web Author.
  • Connection - Includes an option for automatically accepting invalid security certificates.
  • Connection > Proxy - Allows you to configure the proxy settings for your Oxygen XML Web Author.