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Oxygen XML Web Author was developed and continuously tested on the following major Web browsers:
  • Chrome 20 and newer, running on desktop systems. [Recommended for optimal performance and user experience]
  • Chrome for Android 4.3 and newer, running on Android-enabled devices.
  • Mozilla Firefox 19 and newer, running on desktop systems.
  • Internet Explorer 9 and newer, running on desktop systems.
  • Microsoft Edge running on desktop systems.
  • Opera 15 and newer, running on desktop systems.
  • OS X Safari 6 and newer, running on OS X.
  • Safari Mobile iOS 6 and newer, running on iOS devices.

As an HTML 5 application, it is likely to work on other HTML 5 compliant browsers for various platforms.

Known Issues

Due to implementation particularities, Oxygen XML Web Author may exhibit minor behavioral differences:
  • On Android devices the content completion list of proposals might display undefined elements. To prevent this, go to Settings > Bandwidth Management > Reduce data usage and select OFF.
  • On Safari Mobile and Chrome for Android, there is no warning message if you close the browser page without saving the changes made in the document.
  • Input Method Editor (IME) is fully supported only when running Oxygen XML Web Author in a Chrome browser on a Windows platform.
  • On Safari Mobile, the native Bold, Italic, and Underline actions do not work. As a workaround, use the framework-specific markup.
  • On Android devices, the editing works best with Google Keyboard having the Auto-correction option disabled and the Show correction suggestions option set to Always hidden. Alternatively, you can use Google voice typing.
    Note: Using other keyboards can lead to unpredictable results. If your document gets corrupted, use the Undo button.
  • On Safari Mobile versions 6 and 7, the copy/paste support ignores all text formatting, keeping only the content.