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As the Reviewer, you can click on any of the files attached to the task to open it in a visual editor. This is where you can proofread, make changes, and add comments in the files.

Task Management Panel

The left panel lists all the files and messages that are attached to the task. You can switch files simply by clicking on the file in this left panel. You can add a new message from this panel and the Finalize Review button can be used to indicate that you are finished reviewing all files. Keep in mind that all messages in this panel are attached to the task and not to individual files (to annotate individual files, use the Add Comment button in the editor). All files attached to the task should be reviewed before using the Finalize Review button.

Visual Editor

This visual editor allows you to review and edit content similar to common word processors. In most cases, the tracked changes feature will always be on so you and the Content Author can see exactly what was changed and the Content Author will be able to easily accept or reject the changes.

Toolbar Actions

The editor also includes a toolbar with actions that are specific to the type of document. Most Reviewers will only be interested in the buttons located on the General or Review toolbars. These actions include:

This action is available after you make a change.
This action is available when you use the Undo action.
Opens a popup window that helps you find and replace content in the current document.
More drop-down menu
Gives you access to additional general actions, such as options to save, download, or print the document. The Preferences option allows you to select a Tags Display Mode to control the amount of XML markup that is displayed, and you can change the interface language or enable automatic spell checking.
Add comment
Allows you to insert a comment on a selected fragment of text. After you add a comment, the content where the comment was added is highlighted in the document and you can see the comment by hovering over the highlighted content or in the Review view.
Edit Comment
Opens the Edit Comment dialog box that allows you to edit the selected comment.
Remove Comment
Removes a selected comment.
Previous Marker
Navigates to the previous change or comment.
Next Marker
Navigates to the next change or comment.
Track Changes Visualization Modes drop-down menu
This drop-down menu includes specialized actions that allow you to switch between the following visualization modes for the Tracked Changes feature:
  • View All Changes/Comments - This mode is active by default. When you use this mode, all tracked changes are represented.
  • View Final - This mode offers a preview of the document as if all tracked changes (both inserted and deleted) were accepted.
  • View Original - This mode offers a preview of the document as if all tracked changes (both inserted and deleted) were rejected. If you attempt to edit the document in this mode, the view mode will switch to View All Changes/Comments.

Review View

The editor also includes a menu panel on the right side with some helper views. If the menu panel is not displayed, click the arrow button () on the far right side of the editor. Most Reviewers will only be interested in the Review view. It displays the tracked changes and comments that have been added in the document and each change or comment includes actions such as Reply, Mark as Done, Edit, or Remove.

Saving Files

All of your changes are saved automatically on the Oxygen Content Fusion server. If you want to save a file manually, select More > Save as. You can also download the file to your local file system by selecting More > Download.

Unlocking Files

When you have a file opened in the editor, the file remains locked and others cannot access it until you close the editor by navigating back to the Task Details page or close the browser. Using the Finalize Review button will also automatically navigate back to the Task Details page and unlock the file.

Finalizing Your Changes

Once you are done reviewing all files attached to the task, click the Finalize Review button in the left panel. Using this button is a quick and easy way to let the Content Author know that you are finished with review process. Keep in mind that all files attached to the task should be reviewed before using the Finalize Review button because it applies to the whole task and not to individual files.

For more advanced information about using the visual editor, see the Editing Documents section of the Oxygen XML Web Author online user manual, but keep in mind that this version of the editor is slightly different than the full, licensed version of Oxygen XML Web Author.