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As the Content Author, to create a new task, add files to it, and then upload the task to the Oxygen Content Fusion server, follow these steps:
  1. If the Content Fusion Tasks Manager view is not already opened, click the Show Content Fusion Task Manager toolbar button (or go to Window > Show View > Content Fusion Tasks Manager).
  2. Drag files that you want to be reviewed from the Project view, DITA Maps Manager, or your system file explorer and drop them in the New Task box (or click the choose link to select the files) to add the files to a new task.

    Figure: Adding Files to the New Task Box

  3. If you are working with a DITA project, you should attach the context root map so that all references and defined keys can be resolved and displayed properly for the Reviewers. If you added files to the task by dragging them from the DITA Maps Manager, the root map that is specified in the DITA Maps Manager is automatically added as the Context DITA Map, but you can also drag a DITA map file and drop it in the Context DITA Map section or click to the Choose Context Map button to select a map.

    Figure: Creating a New Task

  4. Enter a description or title for the task in the Summary field. This task summary will help you differentiate between multiple tasks so each description should be unique.
  5. Click the Upload button to finish the task creation process and upload the information to the Oxygen Content Fusion server.