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As the Content Author, when you click on the name of a task in the Content Fusion Task Manager view, the Oxygen Content Fusion interface is opened in your most recently used browser. You can also quickly open your profile by selecting Go to my Account from the user drop-down menu. The Content Author has access to more options in the interface than the Reviewers. For example, the Content Author has access to a Settings tab where you can select whether or not Change Tracking is always on.

Figure: Content Fusion Interface (Content Author)

When logged in as the Content Author, the Oxygen Content Fusion interface includes the following options and components:

This tab includes the task details, and allows you to share the task, download it, delete it, open files in Oxygen XML Web Author, or add messages for Reviewers.
Click the Share button to display a link to the task and you can click on the Copy button to copy the link to the clipboard so that you can send it to Reviewers.
MORE > Download
Selecting this action will zip all the files attached to the task into an archive and download it according to your browser settings.
MORE > Delete
Selecting this action will delete the task from the Oxygen Content Fusion server and the Content Fusion Task Manager view.
You can click on any of the files attached to the task to open it in a version of Oxygen XML Web Author. This is the editor that the Reviewers will use to make changes and add comments to the files.
You can use this button to add messages to communicate with the Reviewers.
Messages and File Changes
All messages and file change notifications are displayed underneath the Add Message button. You can see the name of the user who added the message or changed the file and when it was processed.
This tab offers the following option:
Force Change Tracking On
This option is selected by default, which means that Change Tracking is always on when the Reviewers make changes or add comments in the files. This allows you and other Reviewers to see exactly what has been changed and you will have the ability to accept or reject the changes after you have integrated them back into Oxygen XML Editor/Author.
User Name Menu
Your user name is displayed in the top-right corner of the page. If you click on your name, you have access to the following options:
Opens your profile information page that displays your name, email, avatar, and allows you to delete your profile.
My Tasks
Displays a list of all the current tasks that you created and uploaded. Clicking on a task name will open it in the Details Tab.
Sign Out
Signs you out of the Oxygen Content Fusion interface.