"Official" specialisations

Some specialised information types have been developed by the same standards body that is responsible for the DITA standard itself.

A number of sub-committees of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee have been formed to look at ways of making DITA more suitable for specific purposes. For example, the DITA Semiconductor Information Design Sub-committee is working out how to make DITA suit semiconductor documentation. The result of the sub-committee's work will most likely be semiconductor specialisations. Such specialisations might be viewed as being "official", in that they are published and supported by the governing DITA Technical Committee, rather than being just a company-specific specialisation.

For specialisations to be effective, processors have to be written to work with the specialised DITA. For example, once your DITA content uses other than base content model DITA, you can't get your document to look "special" unless you write a processor specific to your specialisation.