Column and row headers

Information in tables is most often arranged in columns, although some tables are arranged into rows, and complex tables into both rows and columns. Column headings are defined using the thead element, and row headings with the rowheader attribute on the table element or the keycol attribute on the simpletable element.

A column header row is specified through a thead row in the table. The thead element contains normal table cell (entry) elements.

If the first cell in each row is a heading (in other words, if the first column is a header column), you can specify this in the standard table by setting the rowheader attribute to firstcol. You cannot specify any other column to be the header column in a standard table.

With a simpletable, you can use the keycol attribute of the simpletable element to nominate the number of the column that contains the row headings. For example, setting the keycol attribute of the simpletable element to 1.