Program, script and routine names

Program, routine, API and script names are identified using the cmdname and apiname elements.

The DITA programming domain is a set of mark-up elements used for documenting programming languages and their use. The software domain is a similar set of elements used for documenting software applications.

To identify a program or script name within an end-user's use of a software application, you should use the cmdname (command name) element (from the software domain).

To identify a function, API or sub-routine within documentation aimed at programmers, you should use the apiname (API name) element (from the programming domain).

Referring to a program name

<step><cmd>After resetting the computer, run 
the <cmdname>syscheck</cmdname> program to verify 
the recovery.</cmd></step>

Referring to a sub-routine or function

<p>You can link the <apiname>print</apiname> sub-routine to
the button's <apiname>onclick</apiname> event.</p>