Listing user interface buttons

Definition lists can contain images, and are therefore useful for explaining the meaning of buttons and graphics.

When describing a list of user interface items (such as buttons), the definition list construct is semantically appropriate. A definition list (dl) element contains one or more definition entry (dlentry) elements, each typically containing a definition term (dt) and a definition description (dd) element. If you are explaining a button, control, or any other graphic, you can insert an image in the definition term (dt) element.

An example of such a definition list is:
  <dt><image href="sample_button.png" /></dt>
  <dd>Opens the directory associated with the document folder.</dd>

In some cases, such as when describing buttons that can be chosen within a step of a task, the choicetable element may be more appropriate. In other cases, especially when the structure of the content is more complex than just image and description, a table may be used.