Nested quotations

Nested quotations are limited in DITA to quoted phrases within quoted blocks. Although it is possible to create workarounds to achieve nested block quotations, this approach should not be used as the result is semantically incorrect mark-up.

Some complex quotations may include a quoted phrase within a quoted block, or less commonly, a quoted block within another quoted block.

In the first instance, a q element would be used within the lq block, and the processor would determine how quotation marks might appear in the output (typically, single quotes within double quotes).

An lq element can contain multiple paragraph (p) and other block elements.

The DITA standard does not permit an lq to nest directly inside another lq element, but it does permit a nested lq provided it is contained within a block element such as a fig. However, do not use this "loophole" to circumvent the disallowance of nested lq elements unless the use of the containing element is semantically correct.

In other words, the following:

<p>May read the description of John's speech at Sanjay's wedding.</p> 
 <lq>He rose from his seat and stood to his full height.
   <lq>I have known the groom for most of his life... I propose a toast to the groom.</lq> 
  When he finished talking, he spilled his wine.

might be valid DITA, but it is not semantically correct DITA, because the contents of fig is not a figure.

Try to find a way of restructuring the text so that nested long quotations are not required.