Specialised element and attribute naming convention

Specialised elements and attributes should be named using CamelCase with the first character in lower case.

When the DITA schema is specialised to suit a particular documentation purpose, the person creating the specialisation (the specialiser) must choose names for elements and attributes.

It is technically valid for the specialiser to use all lower case (buttonname), lower case with hyphens (button-name), CamelCase (ButtonName), lower then CamelCase (buttonName), or some other permutation. However, CamelCase with a lower case first letter is the preferred convention.

You should:

In the previous example, the recommended name would therefore be hwButtonName.

You must not use names already used in the base DITA content model.

The use of a prefix will make specialised elements more recognisable, and will avoid the chances of a name clash with base DITA names.