Links to glossary terms

Special terms used in the body of DITA topics can be linked to their corresponding glossary entry definitions through the keyref feature, introduced in DITA 1.2.

In DITA content, the term element is used to semantically identify technical or specialist terms, acronyms, abbreviations, and other items of jargon that need to be defined to be understood by some readers. The terms used in a document are normally defined in a separate glossary section.

The glossary entry (glossentry) information type can be used to define individual terms; those topics can then be collected into a glossary section in the ditamap.

Terms used within normal topic text can be linked, as part of the publishing process, to any corresponding definition of that term in a glossentry topic. Linking is accomplished using the keyref attribute within the term element, and then defining the topic associated with the keyref in the ditamap, through glosskey elements. (The keyref attribute was introduced in DITA 1.2.)

For example, the mark-up <term keyref="eoy">EOY</term> establishes the association between the term "EOY" and the glossary topic with a keys attribute of eoy. The related map entry may be <glossref keys="eoy" href="eoy_nz.dita"/>.