Cross-referencing tables

Cross-references to tables are accomplished with the xref element with a type attribute of table.

When referring a reader to a table, you should not hard-code the table number. In most editing environments, you won't know what the sequential table number will be until the ditamap is processed to a deliverable document.

You must always use the xref element to cross-reference tables, with the type attribute set to table.

Cross-references to tables will typically be rendered as the local language word for "Table", followed by the table's sequential number in the topic (for hypertext outputs) or in the publication (for page layout documents). Because the table number is not hard-coded, it will be recalculated each time the ditamap containing the topic is processed.

An example of the syntax of a cross-reference to a table with an id attribute of "table_perf_data" in the same topic is:
<xref href="#concept_ej25_perf/table_perf_data" type="table"/>

You cannot cross-reference simple tables, partly because they do not have titles (necessary for labelling the table with a table number.) If cross-references are important for your document, use tables rather than simple tables. You should include a title element in all table elements, as the title is used in the generation of cross-reference text in some publishing processes.