Cross-referencing a transcluded element

When re-using content with content references (conref), you must cross-reference to the instance of a conref transclusion, and not to the original source of the conref.

If you need to cross-reference a transcluded element (that is, the target of a conref), you should cross-reference the instance of the conref, and not the original element.

For example, in the following content:
<concept id="fuel_filter">
<p>For more information, see <xref type="fig".../>.</p>
<fig id="fig_fuel_sys" conref="conref_source.dita#conref_figs/fuelsys"
there are two fig elements. The first fig element, fig_fuel_sys, is the element containing the conref, or the referencing element. The other fig element, fuelsys in the topic named conref_source.dita, is the source of the conref, or the referenced element. The cross-reference in this scenario must be to the referencing element, and not the referenced conref source. This means the cross-reference code must be:
<xref href="#fuel_filter/fig_fuel_sys" type="fig" />