Re-using content from different elements

When re-using content through the conref feature, the referenced element type must match the referencing element type.

You cannot re-use the text of one element directly inside the text of another.

For example, you cannot conref the text of a paragraph (p) element into a note element as in:
<p id="wiper_blades">...</p>

<note conref="conref_source.dita#cref_terms/wiper_blades" />
The referenced element must match the referencing element.

When transcluding phrase elements, you can work around the matching elements requirement that by wrapping the text to be re-used in a generic phrase (ph) element. You can then re-use the ph element within other elements.

For example, if you want to re-use the words "STi Web Site" within normal paragraph text, as a citation (cite) element, and within cross-reference elements, you can use the approach:
<ph id="sti_web">STi Web Site</ph>

  The <ph conref="conref_source.dita#cref_terms/sti_web" />...

  As listed on the <cite><ph conref="conref_source.dita#cref_terms/sti_web" /></cite>

<xref href="" scope="external" format="html">
		<ph conref="conref_source.dita#cref_terms/sti_web" />

DITA 1.2 introduced the text element. Use this element in preference to the ph element for re-using text snippets.