Nested content references

Content references can be nested inside other content references.

Nested conrefs are content references within other content references. For example, a company name variable might be transcluded into a product name variable.

For example, the company name "Supara" might be transcluded by itself, or within the full product name "Supara Impress XRW", which itself includes the product trademark.

Nested conref principles

The DITA code for such a nested conref might be:
<p>The <ph conref="co.dita#corpnames/var_xrw" /> was released in 1990.</p>
where the var_xrw ph element in co.dita is:
<ph id="var_xrw">
  <ph conref="#corpnames/co"/> <tm conref="#corpnames/impxrw" tm="-dita-use-conref-target"/>
and the co and impxrw elements are:
<ph id="co">Supara</ph>
<tm id="impxrw" tmtype="reg" tmowner="FJ Heavy Industries">Impress XRW</tm>

DITA 1.2 introduced the text element. Use this element in preference to the ph element for re-using text snippets.