OASIS and the DITA Technical Committee

OASIS is a not-for-profit standards body, and membership is open to all. To participate in the ongoing development of the DITA standard, you must join OASIS.

DITA is controlled (or perhaps a better word is "guided") by the DITA Technical Committee (TC). The DITA intellectual property is commonly-owned, with the trustee being OASIS. OASIS is a not-for-profit organisation - a standards body. In order to participate in an OASIS TC, including of course the OASIS DITA TC, you must be a member of OASIS. And although OASIS is not-for-profit, it recovers the cost of running the organisation through membership fees.

There are a number of membership categories. In brief, it is possible to join as a company or as an individual. Contributor company membership has lower annual dues, but Sponsor company membership offers more marketing opportunities. A benefits matrix on the OASIS Web site explains the difference between member categories.

Once the company or an individual is an OASIS member, the nominated person is able to participate in any or many OASIS TCs. The DITA TC is getting bigger over time, and doing more and more work. The TC is now spawning sub-committees (SC) to concentrate on more specialised tasks and problems.

Beyond the OASIS membership dues, there are no costs in being involved in TCs and SCs, other than the brainpower and time contributions.