Evaluate for Free

Seeing the list of benefits, taking the tour, and watching the demo video is all helpful, but nothing compares to experiencing the actual product for yourself. If you are a Content Author with a licensed copy of Oxygen XML Editor/Author, see first-hand how Oxygen Content Fusion can improve your documentation review process by trying it free for 60 days.

To fully take advantage of all of the benefits and features, your organization will need an Oxygen Content Fusion Enterprise Server. This solution allows you to host, setup, and configure your own server and control your data. With this model, you are also able to upload custom frameworks and plugins, and to configure various settings.

You can also evaluate Content Fusion by using our Evaluation Server that is hosted by Oxygen with a default configuration.

Hosted Evaluation ServerEnterprise Server
Content StorageContent stored on a server managed by OxygenContent stored on your own server
Server ConfigurationNo server setup requiredControl your own server configuration
Data SecurityDocuments uploaded to shared serverFull control over the access to your server
Supported FrameworksDefault DITA, DocBook, TEI, XHTML frameworksAbility to use your own custom frameworks

Free Trial Instructions

The instructions below are meant to help you get started with your free trial. If you want to use your own Enterprise Server, there are some additional setup and configuration requirements. If you choose to use the Hosted Evaluation Server, it is highly recommended to use a sample project that doesn't contain any sensitive data.


  • If you are using your own Enterprise Server, your server administrator must Download an installation kit and configure your Enterprise server. Your server administrator must configure and deploy your Enterprise server. For detailed instructions, they can refer to the Server Administrator Guide. Alternatively, if you are using the Hosted Evaluation Server, there is no server installation required, as you will use the available demo server.
  • You must have an installed, licensed copy of Oxygen XML Editor/Author version 20.0 or later. If you don't already own one, you can request a 30-day trial license at https://www.oxygenxml.com/xml_editor/register.html
  • If you are using Oxygen XML Editor/Author version 20.0 or 20.1, you must manually install the Oxygen Content Fusion plugin (starting with version 21.0, the plugin comes pre-installed).

Open Task Manager and Connect to the Server

Step 1

Click the Show Content Fusion Task Manager toolbar button (or go to Window->Show View->Content Fusion Tasks Manager) to open the Content Fusion Task Manager view.

Step 2

Select the Evaluation option if you want to use the Hosted Evaluation Server or select the Enterprise option and enter the server address if you are using your own Enterprise Server.

Step 3

Click the Connect button to open the Content Fusion interface in your default browser, click SIGN UP, and follow the instructions to create your account. When finished, click Authorize.

Create a Review Task

Step 1

Open a document in Oxygen XML Editor/Author. There are a variety of sample documents and projects located in the samples folder located in the Oxygen installation directory. For example, go to 'File->Open' and open [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/samples/dita/mobile-phone/mobilePhone.ditamap (choose to open it in the 'DITA Maps Manager'), then open one of the topics (for example, Inserting the battery) in the main editor.

Step 2

Right-click anywhere in the document (in the main editing pane) and select Add File to Review Task. Note that there are several ways to add files to a review task. For example, you can also simply drag files from the DITA Maps Manager and drop them in the New Task box (in the Content Fusion Tasks Manager).

Create Review Task - Step 3

Step 3

Enter a name for the task in the Summary field. Create Review Task - Step 4

Step 4

Click the Upload button to upload the review task to the Oxygen Content Fusion server. Create Review Task - Step 5

Share Review Task

Step 1

Click on the name of the task you just created to open it in your default browser. Create Review Task - Step 6

Step 2

Click the Share button to display a link to the task and click the Copy button to copy the link to the clipboard. Create Review Task - Step 7

Step 3

Send the copied link to a Reviewer via email or another messaging system.

The Reviewer's Role

The Reviewers will use the link you sent them to open the task in their browser. Then they will click on any of the files attached to the task to open it in the visual editor where they can suggest changes and add comments to the files. They can communicate with the Content Author by adding messages in the left side of the interface and when they are finished, they will click the Finalize Review button to notify the Content Author that they are done with their review process. Create Review Task - Step 9

Merge Changes in Oxygen

Step 1

Back in Oxygen XML Editor/Author, notice that the task box shows if there are new messages or file changes. Create Review Task - Step 10

Step 2

Hover over the task box and click the Get changes link in the bottom right of the task box. This opens a tool for automatically integrating the changes back into the original files. Create Review Task - Step 11

Step 3

Click Apply at the bottom of the Get Changes merge tool.

You will now see that the changes have been integrated into the original document in Oxygen XML Editor/Author.

For more instructions about using the product, see the Oxygen Content Fusion User Manual.