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[xsl] First major release of Saxon/C version 1.0.0 now available: Supporting XSLT 2.0/3.0 on C/C++ and PHP

Subject: [xsl] First major release of Saxon/C version 1.0.0 now available: Supporting XSLT 2.0/3.0 on C/C++ and PHP
From: "O'Neil Delpratt oneil@xxxxxxxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2016 18:34:16 -0000

Dear All,

Following the successes of Saxon/C alpha and beta releases over the last 2
years we are pleased to say that we have released the first major release of
Saxon/C version 1.0.0.
This release is only available under a Linux platform. Windows release will
follow later. We hope this will fill a longstanding gap in the market for XSLT
2.0 on C/C++ based platforms.

We are now offering the the commercial products in addition to the SaxonHE
under Saxon/C: Namely Saxon-HE/C, Saxon-PE/C and Saxon-EE/C.

For those who are new to the party let me explain about Saxon/C. Saxon/C is a
cross-compiled variant of Saxon from the Java platform to the C/C++ platform.
We have ported all the features of Saxon other than those like collations that
are necessarily platform dependent. In particular it provides processing in
XSLT, XQuery and XPath and Schema validation.
It therefore gives capabilities to other languages that are strongly coupled
to C/C++ such as PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, node.js.

We have provided a PHP extension module for Saxon/C with the equivalent APIs
as on C/C++.

This release has been uploaded to the Saxonica servers, which can be accessed
from the following location: http://www.saxonica.com/saxon-c/index.xml

We have made major changes to the APIs to offer feature in support of the
specifications XSLT 2.0/3.0, XQuery 1.0/3.0, XPath 2.0/3.0 and Schema
Validation 1.0/1.1 from C/C++ or PHP applications.
Thank you to all the users of Saxon/C Beta version 0.3.1 who provided useful
feedback as we have fixed several bugs in the new release.
It is a lot more stable and robust than previous releases therefore it has
gained its major release status.

See release note :http://www.saxonica.com/saxon-c/release-notes.xml
<http://www.saxonica.com/saxon-c/release-notes.xml> and documentation:
PHP API: http://www.saxonica.com/saxon-c/doc/html/index.html#php-api

A note for open-source enthusiasts: the Saxon-HE/C version is open-source but
requires proprietary software to build it.

Key changes:

	Updated the Saxon processor to the Java Saxon version.
	Improved memory handling and internal code structure both in C++ and PHP
	New APIS: Support for XPath 2.0/3.0 and Schema Validation 1.0/1.1
	Added XDM Data Model API in support of the specs XPath, XQuery, XSLT and
Schema Validation
	Improved memory handling of XDM data model and internal code structure both
in C++ and PHP
	Fixed several bugs issues. See:
<https://saxonica.plan.io/projects/saxon-c/issues> filter by Fixed in version=
b1.0.0' and status = bClosed'

The 64-bit Linux version of Saxon/C will be released shortly. Also the Windows
version will follow after. We hope to update the baseline of Saxon/C to 9.7 in
due course (the code has not been forked).

kind regards,

O'Neil Delpratt
Software Developer, Saxonica Limited
Email: oneil@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:oneil@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ond1 <https://twitter.com/ond1>
Tel: +44 118 946 5894
Web: http://www.saxonica.com <http://www.saxonica.com/>
Saxonica Community site: http://dev.saxonica.com <http://dev.saxonica.com/>
Bug tracking site: https://saxonica.plan.io/ <https://saxonica.plan.io/>

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