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Re: [xsl] More free-form layouts - side-by-side

Subject: Re: [xsl] More free-form layouts - side-by-side
From: "Tony Graham tgraham@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 11:19:52 -0000

On 22/01/2015 11:06, Kerry, Richard richard.kerry@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Having sorted out how to get text to appear at top and bottom within a
box, my next requirement that I've not been able to work out for myself
is how to get things side-by-side.
However, I can't seem to make that work.  I seem to be getting B
positioned one "line" (or block height) lower than A.  Also the
block-container of A has height=0 despite the block of A having a
sensible height.

Can anyone advise how to go about this ?

Can you provide a (short) example of what you've done so far?

Are the areas absolutely positioned on the page or relative to the containing fo:block-container that itself could be anywhere on the page?

Is there any document available that gives a good overview explanation
the layout control available in FO ?  I don't want to have to ask the
list every time I find another layout pattern that I haven't met before.

There's some introductory tutorials from data2type at http://www.data2type.de/en/xml-xslt-xslfo/xsl-fo/#c108


Tony Graham. -- Senior Architect XML Division Antenna House, Inc. ---- Skerries, Ireland tgraham@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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