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[xsl] [ANN} RenderX Releases First Open Source Template Designer

Subject: [xsl] [ANN} RenderX Releases First Open Source Template Designer
From: "Kevin Brown kevin@xxxxxxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2014 05:38:00 -0000

RenderX is pleased to announce the initial release of our free-to-use, open
source XSL template designer "Nimbus @cloudformatter".

Nimbus is a free-to-use variable document designer that allows a user to
create templates for variable data merge in print applications. It leverages
CSS for style, XML for content and produces an XSL template for high-quality
print. Most importantly, you can use the templates generated within your XSL
FO application or even online using RenderX's Cloudformatter. CSS styling is
converted to equivalent XSL FO attributes and the product also provides open
areas to add XSL FO into the pages where CSS falls short.

Nimbus is a 100% browser-based document design tool. It leverages the
Summernote HTML editor integrated to an XML document viewer. The application
also uses a modified version of JSTree for the XML document structure and
the Template document structure. Nimbus allows a user to insert logic,
fields and repeat instructions into the document using specially marked
<div> elements. When generating the XSL template, these are mapped to common
XSL commands automatically.

    Field: <xsl:value-of>
    Variable: <xsl:param> included in template and <xsl:value-of> in use
    Repeat Container: <xsl:for-each> over block or inline content
    Table Repeat: <xsl:for-each> over <table-row>
    Test (If): <xsl:if> test for block or inline content
    Row Test (If): <xsl:if> test for <table-row>
    *Choose/When/Otherwise: one or more <xsl:when> tests over block content
with <xsl:otherwise>
    *Sort: for <xsl:sort> in <xsl:for-each> constructs

*Still finishing the design, but mostly implemented

It contains various methods of saving work in process, using the browser
cache constantly so no work is lost. You can also export to browser cache or
even local disk. The package created contains everything for your design in
one file. You can share designs or even post online for others to use. The
samples below show that Nimbus can be launched and given a package to load.
While you are working, you can also preview results as any time using our
Cloudformatter application.

And best, it's free to use. 

We will be gathering all the browser Javascript into a Github project for
continued support and development by our community.

Main page: http://www.cloudformatter.com/Nimbus


Things are moving so fast from the contributors, the documentation is not
even caught up with the site -- we have just implemented and released the
"undocumented" property pane for adding/editing CSS or XSL FO styles in

You want any more information, feel free to contact me directly. 
And if you wish to help in development and/or testing or develop new
samples, we would welcome any and *all* contributors.

Kevin Brown

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