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Re: [xsl] How to get access to Saxon processor for XSL 2.0 to install on Unix box

Subject: Re: [xsl] How to get access to Saxon processor for XSL 2.0 to install on Unix box
From: "Bridger Dyson-Smith bdysonsmith@xxxxxxxxx" <xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 14:49:00 -0000

Hi Catherine,

I've done things like:


# do stuff
saxon -s:"$input" -xsl:myTransform.xsl -o:"$output"
# do more stuff

and Saxon works great. If you don't need to incorporate other Unix-y things
(or you get how manipulate the file system with XPath functions and
extensions), then you can just use Saxon:

saxon -s:inputFile.xml -xsl:myTransform.xsl -o:outputFile.csv

If your server environment has Java installed, you could download and run
the Saxon JARs (available on SourceForge) in your home area - I don't know
that you necessarily need to install Saxon at the system level. I suppose
that depends heavily on your environment.

Good choice on reading material. :)
Hope that helps.


On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 9:39 AM, Catherine Wilbur cwilbur@xxxxxxxxxxx <
xsl-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We currently have the following installed.
>         XSLT installed version is: libxslt-1.1.28-2
>         XPATH not sure but we are running on libxml2-2.9.1-1
> How would I go about getting a version of XSL 2.0 to install for unix.
> Only using the xsltproc command to convert my XSL files using an XML
> stylesheet.  Systems department said he cannot install 2.0 unless I give
> him some third party tool to install.  If I am just using this on Unix to
> do my conversion do I need to have Saxon installed or is there something
> else for Unix.
> Bridger on the listserv stated:  I don't know if you're able to request
> additional packages or ports on your Unix system, but Dr. Kay has open
> sourced two different XSLT 2.0 processors [1]. They require Java, but they
> might simplify your processing.  How would we get these open source XSLT
> 2.0 processors  ie. Saxon.
> Quickly reviewed the chapter on Saxon and it indicates that Saxon requires
> Java.  What if I am just using the following command to execute my XSLT
> file conversion.  Writing just Unix script to do my processing to pull the
> file from another server, archive it, do the conversion, take the converted
> file and upload it to a database table.
>         xsltproc -o $inputfile $LibrStylesheet $outputfile
> I went Amazon and purchased the following used books so I stop asking the
> list so many questions.  They just came in so I brought them into office
> today to help me.
>         XSLT 2nd Edition Programmer's Reference by Michael Kay
>         XPath 2.0 Prograqmmer's Reference by Michael Kay
>         XSLT 2.0 3rd edition Programmer's Reference by Michael Kay
> Ordered on more book not by Michael Kay that was recommended for people
> just new to XSLT programming.  In 10 minutes read thru the first 35 pages
> of 2nd Edition book.
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